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Failure to deliver goods, how is this resolved?


In the event of the courier failing to deliver the cargo to the designated shipping address during the scheduled time frame, after many delivery attempts at the consignee’s end due to ; and such goods having been returned to Costumeslive’s sorting center; Costumeslive will contact the customer for further proposition.

If the customer would still like to have the merchandise under situation that caused at your end, such as wrong shipping address or no receiver at home after several times of attempting delivery. Costumeslive will be permitted to reship the goods to the customer, you will be required to charge with a certain amount of shipping fare for package reroute. The details, including reshipment tracking number will be automatically sent to the customer’s e-mail box as soon as Costumeslive re-dispatched the goods from our warehouse. For situation that cause the fail of package delivery and induce the package been returned to the original base by no further contact or phone call the customer when attempting to deliver the goods from Costumeslive, a full refund or free reshipping will be taken in hand.

If the customer no longer requires receiving such merchandise, considering that Costumeslive did originally ship the cargo to the designated shipping address within the estimated shipping time, Costumeslive shall offer you certain amount of refund based on the price of merchandise. Shipping fee is excluded to the refund.

Below information is for your further reference on how we take action in different situations:

At Costumeslive End

Costumeslive deliberately no contact or calling customer when proceed to the package delivering.

Costumeslive made a delay of your order


At Customer End

Wrong shipping address provided or no receiver at home after several times of attempting delivery.

Refuse to receive the package in no reason.


You can further check the estimated shipping time and cost of courier for individual items while ordering.(Learn more about shipping fare, please click Can You Show Me How You Calculate Shipping.

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