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Maintenance Guide



Notes for the color:

  1. Please choose professional washing if you can not wash by yourself.
  2. White and light color clothes: please turn clothes and wash with others seperately.
  3. Please store the light and deep colored clothes seperately for avoiding them from fading or turning yellow.
  4. Please soak the wasy-fade clothes in the salt water for about 30 minites first and then wash with fresh water, after that wash them again in normal way. This is great effectual especially for the black and red clothes for avoiding from fading.

Notes for the fabric:

  1. Lycra spandex, polyester and latex series: wash with water and less fabric cleaner, then rub gently and dry in the shade, be sure not to expose under the sun for a long time.
  2. Shiny metallic and PVC series: do not wash with water, just wipe it and store in the shade place, be sure not to expose under the sun for a long time.


  1. Printed cotton: the rest dye of the fabric will be dissolved in the water for the previous several times of washing the new product which is normal, so please do not wash them together with other clothes for avoiding the others from being dyed. Do not expose in the sun, hang to dry on the inner side.

Floral and emboridery: ironing on the inner side with a placement down.

  1. Velvet velour, viscose type fabric and all kinds of floss: water wash gently, and do not wring hard after rinsing in water to avoid the fibre from deforming (fabric mechanism deformation), wash machine can be used to dry.
  2. Synthetic fibre, compound cotton fabric and synthetic cotton type: which will be contracted, become clamminess or wrinkled on the surface when the water temperature is too high, so soak this kind of clothes in the hot water with the temperature lower than 35 degrees centigrade. (the synthetic fabric can not be dry clean)
  3. Natural fibre, wool and cashmere type fabric: better dry clean them. if use water to wash, please do it on the base of the following steps:

1. Turn the inside of the clothes out.

2. Soak for 15-20 minites in the foam neutral detergent water first when they are extremly dirty. Especially do not use blench additive chemicals, lotion or shampoo which has enzyme to avoid from eroding and fading.

3. Rub gently by hands, do not knead hard to avoiding them from balling-up or felting.

  1. Knitting and lace type: avoid the fiction with hard staff or to be hooked by spikes (such as bags, jewelry and nail etc.)
  2. Pleated fabric: gently press the faltiron on this kind of fabric after washing it to avoid ironing the pleated design flat.
  3. Leather type: especially note do not be splash by spark, avoid from being spoted with chemical staff or liquid, avoid the fiction with hard staff or to be hooked by spikes (such as bags, jewelry and nail etc.)

Note for accessories

  1. Metal zipper type: grind the zipper with candle before using it and after washing it to make it smooth. slow and gentle draw when using. draw it back a little when it claps the fabric to avoid the farbic from being broken.
  2. Beaded and sequined part: do not iron on the beadings and sequins directly, leave a distance of more than 3cm between the flatiron and the beadings or sequins, and spray with the steam of flatiron repeatedly. be carefully when wearing, avoid the emboridery, beadings and sequins to be hooked.
  3. Brooch and decorative buckle etc. detachable accessories: take down, pack and then wash it.


1.       Advise you to wear gloves when you put on the clothes for avoiding from cutting the gel coat.

2.       Please do not draw hardly when you are wearing it.

3.       Advise you to use some baby talcum powder for putting on the gel coat easier.

4.       Gel coat should be hung in the shade place, and avoid it from blowing or exposing under the sun.

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